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Lifting & Shifting Engineering

Lifting & Shifting Engineering

House Lifting, Building Lifting & Shifting Service

D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS offers professional House Lifting and Building Lifting services. As the first and most reliable company in Kerala, India, we have earned a top-ranking reputation based on our successful house-raising projects. Our expertise extends beyond lifting buildings; we also specialize in shifting buildings from one location to another. This service is in high demand due to road widening and other reasons. With our technology-embedded construction approach, we can cost-effectively provide all these construction services.

One notable project by D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS involved lifting a building in Ernakulam by 5 feet from its existing floor level. This was necessary because the building was situated well below the road level, resulting in water logging during the monsoon season. Our team successfully completed the project, and we handed it over to the client with a 25-year warranty and insurance coverage.

By offering House Lifting, Building Lifting, and Shifting services, we prioritize the economic benefit and time efficiency for building owners. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, mitigating risks, and delivering projects in a timely manner. At D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS, we combine advanced technology with our construction expertise to provide exceptional services that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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