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Engineering MeTamorphosis

Engineering MeTamorphosis

D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS provides specialized services for converting the round floor or the entire building into halls by transferring the load from load-bearing walls/columns to portal frames. By accurately calculating the building’s load and designing new columns and beams, D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS can bear the load resulting from the removal of centrally located load-bearing columns. This innovative procedure adds value to the building by effectively utilizing the created space for commercial purposes. The technology offered by D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS enables buildings with commercial value but limited space to meet their requirements and optimize their utilization.

An illustrative example of this transformative approach is seen in the conversion of the school office building of ‘Vimalagiri’ Public School into a church. This allowed for the demolition of the old church building, which was situated in the middle of the school grounds, creating a vast playground for the students. Thanks to D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS’ adoption of this technology, the school authorities were able to maximize the use of the school ground space, providing a valuable solution for their specific needs.

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