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Engineering MeTamorphosis
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D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS was established in 2003 as an IT & ITES company. Over time, our scope expanded to include Distribution Network, Biological Vector Control, Construction, Reverse Engineering, ReStructural Engineering, Foundation ReInforcement Engineering, ReAlignment Engineering, Lifting & Shifting Engineering. More recently, we ventured into Vertical Parking, offering patented technologies for Robot Assisted Automated/Manual Parking Solutions to optimize space utilization. In 2022, we transitioned into a Public Limited entity, known as D3 BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Limited to serve a wider global audience. We are committed to environmental protection, recognizing the negative impacts of traditional construction methods such as extensive quarrying, loss of biodiversity, and disturbance to ecosystems due to noise and pollution. As a result, we have adopted innovative approaches that prioritize salvaging existing buildings, regardless of their age, size, or complexity, instead of resorting to demolition and reconstruction.

Engineering MeTamorphosis ReStoration Engineering Reverse Engineering

  • Foundation ReInforcement

  • ReAlignment Engineering

  • ReStructural Engineering

  • Lifting & Shifting Engineering

  • Vertical Parking

  • Aqua Repel

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Engineering MeTamorphosis

The ground floor of the current building can be transformed into a hall by redistributing the load from the load-bearing walls to portal frames. This process allows for the utilization of the building's economic potential and adds value to the available space.

ReStoration Engineering

By reinforcing the foundation without causing harm to the superstructure, buildings with archaeological or monumental significance can be restored, ensuring their ability to withstand natural hazards for many years to come.

Reverse Engineering

In this approach, a combination of Reverse Engineering and Value Engineering is employed to redesign structures and rectify improper or insufficient foundations, ultimately providing economic benefits to the building owner.

Lifting & Shifting Engineering

The building below the road level or adjacent compounds leading to water clogging during monsoon or the building has to be demolished due to widening of road or the building has to be shifted to a corner of the property for space utilization, etc...

ReAlignment Engineering

The building leans or inclines from its vertical position. This type of inclined building or extension happens mainly due to weak foundation, weak compaction, soft or shallow surface soil, loose/expansive soils under the building, water runoff, decaying of organic matter, etc...

Vertical Parking

Sufficient parking is a must for any commercial or residential establishments to survive. Insufficient parking is a great concern for any business owner or apartment owner and in case of establishments with sufficient parking, we can witness acres of land...

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